Homed Kite 
Constructed from the same process as traditional Jamaican kites, this piece (and working series) was inspired by my father’s recollection of growing up experiencing the St. Anne Jamaican kite festival, during which the entire community came out and flew handmade kites that filled the sky.

I wanted to consider the formal similarities between kites, tents, and tarps. Handmade kites and tents both have a temporary, provisional quality, which speaks to experiences of migration and displacement. But the image of the kite also has a poetic, uplifting quality, so there’s a duality there that I want to explore. In this Homed Kite, I was thinking about tarps. I printed with blue ink on glassine, a material sometimes used as kite paper in Jamaica, and I worked improvisationally with the “mistakes” that the printer made as it tried to print full color on the glassine. The sheets printed with streaks, lines, and other typically unwanted marks that I embraced as abstractions and built on by scratching on the surface, and trying different textural gestures on the wet ink. I am currently working on a series and installation of Homed Kites.

Bamboo, hemp cord, glassine, ink, cursing oil