“Nine-Night” is inspired by a Jamaican funerary tradition where, after someone passes away, there are nine nights of honoring and preparing passage for the deceased. The night before the funeral is the ninth night where everyone in the community comes together and stays up all night. There is a mingling of mourning and celebration, life and death, the joy of partying and the exhausting labor of being awake all night in support of the mourning family.

To start this project, I pulled an all-nighter. While staying up all night, every nine minutes I drew a quick gestural drawing, recalling my experience at my grandfather's Nine-Night: thinking about the fire, the music, the drinks, the flowers, the hills of the Jamaican landscape, the night sky. I then put the abstracted drawings together as frames of animations.

Pastels on paper, digital frame animations
Installation, work in progress

Installation clips: