On Cite: The Fillmore Was Tough But Happenin’, Steve Nakajo, Resident, No. 1-4
Created out of a body of research into the neighborhoods across the U.S that identify themselves as a “Harlem” (e.g. “The Harlem of the South”), this piece is composed of distorted typographic abstractions, citing direct quotes from the residents on their memory of their neighborhood. 

This work considers distortion, fragmentation, and the temporariness of physical spaces for displaced peoples as well as the temporariness of memory. I wanted to use the materials in a way that does not commit it to one form, making room for the work to live in different sites and in different forms, reflecting a kind of nomadism and the idea of “Harlem” not as a physical place but as a methodology that transcends geographical boundaries. I am currently working on a series of these pieces.

Digital prints on canvas, dimensions variable